Your commitment

The Tasmanian Leaders Program is an esteemed and intensive undertaking aimed at high potential-leaders with a strong commitment to advancing their own leadership potential.

As part of that commitment, successful applicants are expected to attend and actively participate in the Program sessions. The Linking Sessions are held at a variety of venues right across the State.

When accepting a position on the Program, participants agree to attend the opening, mid-year and closing residential retreats at least six of the seven linking sessions. Failure to meet this requirement can jeopardise your graduation from the Program and your membership of the prestigious Alumni.

The dates of the 2024 program are provided below so you and your employer can discuss the attendance requirements before you submit an application.

2024  Program dates
Opening Residential

Thursday 22 February – Sunday 25 February

Linking Session 1

Thursday 21 March – Saturday 23 March

Linking Session 2

Friday 5 April – Saturday 6 April

Linking Session 3

Friday 24 May – Saturday 25 May

Mid-Year Residential

Friday 21 June – Sunday 23 June
St Helens

Linking Session 4

Friday 26 July – Saturday 27 July

Linking Session 5

Friday 23 August – Saturday 24 August

Linking Session 6

Friday 20 September – Saturday 21 September

Linking Session 7

Friday 18 October – Saturday 19 October

Closing Residential

Friday 15 November – Sunday 17 November
Central Highlands

Note: Program dates and locations may change and if this occurs participants will be notified in a timely manner. Venues for the Residentials will be confirmed as soon as practical.