7-8 September 2023, Launceston

Discover the power of hope as a driver for collaboration and action.

The 2023 Leadership + Hope Symposium explores the economic and psycho-social benefits of hope and explains the pivotal role it plays in successful businesses and communities.

Hope is a fundamental motivator and critical for sustained action. So how do you create hope and harness its value?

The Symposium brings together engaging speakers and experts, who will share scientific research, commercial outcomes, tales of innovation and resilience, plus a big dose of hope in times of unprecedented turmoil.

Over two days, participants will discover practical and tangible tools to boost leadership effectiveness, by using the power of hope to connect people, inspire action and drive outcomes.

Who are our Symposiums for?

Tasmanian Leaders Leadership + Hope Symposium is for curious, change-driven leaders, aspiring leaders, and people who don’t yet realise the value of their influence, including:

  • Public sector professionals
  • Not-for-profit employees
  • Executives and managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small to medium business owners
  • Community change agents
  • Educators, trainers and coaches
  • HR professionals
  • Everyone curious about leadership.

Express Interest

We are now taking expressions of interest for our 2023 Symposium, which is still in the design stage. For more information email: simone.hackett@tasmanianleaders.org.au or call 6777 2781.