Leadership + Hope Symposium

Discover the power of hope as a driver for collaboration and action.

The 2023 Leadership + Hope Symposium explored the economic and psycho-social benefits of hope and explains the pivotal role it plays in successful businesses and communities.

Our 2023 Leadership + Hope Symposium encourages you to discover the power of hope as a driver for collaboration and action, and ways to initiate meaningful change. At the end of the symposium, you will be equipped with current, evidence-based leadership science to integrate hope and purpose into action.

What you’ll gain

With expert keynote speakers, insightful panel discussions and practical workshops, the 2023 Leadership + Hope Symposium will give you:

  • Access to premier speakers with proven expertise
  • Enhanced leadership skills so you can excel as a leader
  • Greater purpose and passion with creative tools to chase what matters to you
  • Practical strategies to develop hope, resilience and efficacy
  • A unique learning opportunity with a network of peers

The Tasmanian Leaders Leadership + Hope Symposium featured exceptional speakers, including:

  • Entrepreneur and Vinomofo and Good Empire Founder, André Eikmeier
  • Virtues-based leadership thought leader, Dr Toby Newstead
  • Human rights champion and social sustainability expert, Richard Boele
  • Relational intelligence coach, Robyn Sutcliffe
  • Behavioural economist, Prof Swee-Hoon Chuah
  • NBL commercial leader, Christine Finnegan
  • Climate Scientist, Dr Tom Remenyi

Over two inspiring days, participants discovered practical strategies to boost leadership effectiveness, by using the power of hope to connect people, inspire action and drive outcomes.   Your investment includes a full-day symposium with a networking event on Thursday evening, and an opportunity to further explore and unpack critical themes with a practical workshop on Friday.

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Why go?

The power of hope is a driver for collaboration and action that connects people, inspires action and drives outcomes. The Tasmanian Leaders Leadership + Hope Symposium is your opportunity to discover practical strategies and boost leadership effectiveness by developing hope and harnessing its value.

Tasmanian Leaders Leadership + Hope Symposium is for curious, change-driven leaders, aspiring leaders, and people who don’t yet realise the value of their influence, including:

  • Public sector professionals
  • Not-for-profit employees
  • Executives and managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small to medium business owners
  • Community change agents
  • Educators, trainers and coaches
  • HR professionals
  • Everyone curious about leadership or hope

Your investment provides access to over 15 inspiring local and national speakers, full catering at Country Club Tasmania and plenty of opportunity to reflect and connect with other industry leaders.

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