Our core business at Tasmanian Leaders is running unmatched and transformative leadership development programs.

Our programs are highly sought-after and some find it life-changing.

We have been fortunate to facilitate many programs over the years in partnership with other organisations or supported by different grants. Here is a few that we have been a part of:

Drought Resilience Leaders Development Program

Tasmanian Leaders were proud to partner with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation in November and December 2022 to deliver the Drought Resilience Leaders Development program for people living on the Tasmanian east coast and Flinders Island.

It was suitable for anyone above the age of 18, interested in building long-term drought and climate resilience, developing their own leadership skills, and becoming better communicators.

Learning outcomes

If you are engaged in your community or wanting to influence your communities future, you are most likely already practicing leadership. The activities on this program gave participants a better understanding of leadership and tools to help them work with others to achieve better outcomes.

This program was designed to take participants our of their comfort zone and test their collaboration skills, equipping them to manage challenging situations and preparing them to step-up. All activities were based on scenarios specific to the region to give a deeper understanding of the community.


Paul Ryan, Director Australian Resilient Centre, is passionate about the future of rural and regional people and places. Since growing up on the family farm, he has worked with communities around Australia and internationally to bring about positive change. Paul uses concepts and practical tools drawn from the fields of psychology, resilience, adaptation and transformation, to catalyse new ways of thinking and acting on challenges and opportunities.

Angela Driver, has been employed with Tasmanian Leaders since 2011, becoming the CEO in 2021. During this tenure she completed the Art and Practice of Adaptive Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School of Executive Education in Boston and successfully completed a Brain Based Coaching certificate with the Neuro Leadership Institute.

Keynote Speaker

Dr Tom Remenyi is an expert in climate change impacts across environmental, social and industrial domains. He works closely with strategic leaders across the country to identify the touch points of climate change for their roles and businesses. Tom wears many hats, but he is presenting here through his role as the State Engagement Lead within the Climate Services for Agriculture project, being delivered by the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology, within the Future Drought Funding program.

Eligible local government areas

Dorset, Break O’Day, Glamorgan Spring Bay, Sorell, Tasman and Flinders Island.

Program fees

This program initiative was funded under the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund to support regional and rural communities across Australia to prepare for impacts of future droughts and climate change.

Leading Australian Resilient Communities (LARC)

Delivered by Tasmanian Leaders, in partnership with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, the LARC program was designed to amplify the already resilient leadership on the North West Coast of Tasmania. This dynamic program responded to the region’s unique opportunities and was guided by best practice learning techniques.

About the LARC program

The LARC program developed skills, knowledge and provided space for up to 26 participants to consider possible futures for their communities and the leadership required of them. Over eight-months, participants gathered regularly to expand their understanding of regional development, the role of place-based leadership, and develop skills in strategic foresight, adaptive leadership and resilience.

Content was delivered by Tasmanian Leaders professional facilitators with plenty of opportunity to engage with local and national experts giving participants access to:

  • A series of relevant and engaging national webinars
  • Ongoing mentoring and executive coaching
  • Support to design and deliver a community project, and
  • Three in-person workshops delivered along the Tasmanian North West Coast
Who participated?

The LARC program has been developed to build capacity for resilient adaptive leadership tailored to the unique and localised challenges faced by businesses and communities on Tasmania’s North West Coast. We are excited to announce we had 24 community leaders graduate from the program in March 2023 and continue to contibute to their communities with engaging community projects.

Program fees

This program was funded by the Australian Government as part of the Building Resilient Regional Leaders Initiative.