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Tasmanian Leaders’ high-impact I-LEAD program is designed for busy professionals in targeted sectors to help them address their most adaptive challenges. 

Each program, delivered weekly, uses a blend of online and in-person learning, maximising connections amongst the cohort.

The weekly rhythm enables participants to apply learnings between sessions including new behavioural choices, and to test previously held assumptions, as their learnings become integrated. The online components minimise disruption to participants workflow while the in-person sessions maximise time to form relationships with the cohort. 

I-LEAD can help you:

  • Understand yourself as a leader
  • Develop instantly useful leadership and business skills
  • Quickly grow your confidence to communicate and lead
  • Think strategically to expand your business or enterprise
  • Develop a wider and richer network of contacts.
I-LEAD Women in Industry: express interest here

Designed just for women, I-LEAD Women in Industry will help tackle the under-representation of women in leadership positions in both large and small enterprises across Tasmania. I-LEAD Women in Industry is for rising and established leaders in traditionally male-dominated industries and occupations in Tasmania. That means mining, construction, forestry, fisheries, manufacturing, agriculture, STEM, electricity, water, gas and waste services and technical trades.   Delivery is from October to November.

I-LEAD Tourism & Hospitality: express interest here

Delivered from May to July, the I-LEAD Tourism & Hospitality program invites emerging and established leaders across Tasmania to invest in their leadership development. Suitable for emerging and established leaders from both large and small businesses, it will most benefit those with management experience and a passion for their work. 

I-LEAD Not-for-profit: express interest here

Delivery is from March to May, with support from the W.D. Booth Charitable Trust. This version of I-LEAD is for people employed or volunteering in charities, not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises, to encourage community organisations to realign and/or accelerate their work to support better outcomes for their clients.

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