This is the fine print. By participating in a program by Tasmanian Leaders you agree to the following:

1. Enrolment and attendance

  1. Participation in a Tasmanian Leaders program is available to someone who has applied and been offered a place. This place cannot be transferred to someone else.
  2. Participants commit to attending all program sessions as outlined in the participant’s Letter of Offer.
  3. Tasmanian Leaders emphasises the importance of attendance and active participation in each program. Tasmanian Leaders encourage 100% attendance, with a minimum benchmark of 80%. Falling below this benchmark or showing insufficient engagement may lead to a participant being removed from the program, or not being allowed to graduate. Any such circumstances will be discussed with the participant, Tasmanian Leaders CEO, and Board. Engagement is measured in terms of attendance, participation in the program, contribution to participant working groups, reflections and evaluations.
  4. Tasmanian Leaders has the right to change the program schedule or way the program is delivered, including switching to online delivery if necessary. Tasmanian Leaders will give participants reasonable notice of any change to the program.
  5. Participants must pay the full program fees even if a participant does not complete the program.
  6. Participants graduate from the program only after meeting attendance and engagement criteria and paying the full program fees, unless alternative arrangements have been made. Tasmanian Leaders’ decision about graduation is final.

2. Payment terms

  1. Participants will receive confirmation of their enrolment after Tasmanian Leaders has received a participant’s completed acceptance form and required payment.
  2. Participants must pay the full program fees, including any required deposits by the specified due date, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Tasmanian Leaders.
  3. Participants are personally responsible for paying outstanding program fees if the participant’s employer or sponsor does not pay their share.

3. Cancellation and refunds

  1. If a participant accepts a place in a Tasmanian Leaders program and then cancels, a refund of fees will be made as follows:
  2. For Tasmanian Leaders Program:
  • 21 days before Program commences – Refund less Participant deposit
  • 14 days before Program commences – 50% refund
  • 7 days before Program commences – No refund
  • If a participant withdraws after the Program commences no refund will be made.

3. Other Programs:

  • No refund will be given for cancellations after a participant accepts a place.

4. Conduct during the program

  1. Tasmanian Leaders acts as an agent for participants when booking and paying for program components, including accommodation. Participants agree to follow by the venue’s terms and conditions.
  2. Participants agree to conduct themselves appropriately and not engage in improper, disorderly or damaging behaviour.
  3. Tasmanian Leaders has the right to remove a participant from the program and retain program fees in case of misconduct. Participants are personally responsible for any associated expenses or losses because of such behaviour.
  4. Participants commit to the following, referred to as the ‘Participant Charter’:
    • Code of Conduct: I will uphold the behavioural standards expected by the program and Tasmanian Leaders, serving as an ambassador for both. This includes treating my program peers, speakers and other guests with respect and professionalism always.
    • Attendance: I understand the importance of attendance and commit to attending all program days and associated events. In case of exceptional circumstances, I will communicate with program authorities.
    • Engagement: I will fully engage in all program activities, including surveys, pre- and post-work, and reflections, and complete them thoughtfully within the given timeframes. I will also work collaboratively with my fellow participants to plan and carry out any assigned group work, and for the Tasmanian Leaders Program commit to delivering a project as part of a Learning Set.
    • Ongoing Leadership: I will actively participate in leadership initiatives beyond program participation to support and promote a positive future for Tasmania, regardless of my location.
    • Graduate Search: I will register my skills and interests with Tasmanian Leaders, and I am open to collaborating with fellow graduates or responding to inquiries from the public through the Tasmanian Leaders Graduate Search. I will ensure my contact details are up to date to enable this.

5. Data protection

  1. Tasmanian Leaders is the data controller under applicable privacy legislation. If you have data-related queries, contact
    • Tasmanian Leaders may use a participant’s data and biographical information for program-related communication, feedback requests, alumni engagement, and promotional activities, among others. 
    • Tasmanian Leaders may publish a participant’s name, job title, employer organisation, experience and program attended as part of its promotional materials for Tasmanian Leaders.
    • Tasmanian Leaders will take reasonable precautions to safeguard participant’s data. Tasmanian Leaders will not disclose a participant’s data to third parties without permission, except as required by law.

6. Use of image

  1. Participants agree that any photographs and videos that Tasmanian Leaders take of participants during program events may be used for promotional and program-related purposes across a variety of medium and platforms.

7. Intellectual copyright

  1. Tasmanian Leaders introduce participants to frameworks and tools during the program and encourage participants to benefit from these by incorporating them into their own personal and professional practices.

8. Tasmanian Leaders limitation of liability

  1. Tasmanian Leader’s liability for any loss, damage, or personal injury to a participant as a direct result of their participation in the program is limited to what is covered by Tasmanian Leader’s insurance.
    1. Participants may request to view all relevant insurances held by Tasmanian Leaders.

9. Scholarships

  1. If a participant’s scholarship covers only part of the program fees, the participant or their organisation must cover the balance. Payment plans may be available upon request.
  2. A participant must follow all scholarship conditions. This may include covering any uncovered fees and repaying some of the scholarship if a participant doesn’t complete the program.
  3. Scholarships may be terminated if a participant breaks the scholarship or program conditions. Termination and repayment procedures will be followed. If a participant is no longer in need of a scholarship, they will be encouraged to consider donating the fee to the Tasmanian Leaders Foundation to support future internally funded scholarships.

These terms and conditions may be amended by Tasmanian Leaders from time to time.

* Photo credit: Shutterbug Walkabouts