Leadership in Action

Tasmanian Leaders offers a range of proven social impact initiatives which support the wider Tasmanian community to thrive. This is in line with our commitment to inspire and build a brighter future for our State.

In 2024, we are launching Leadership in Action, a reinvigorated pillar of our work aimed at inspiring individuals to envision potential futures and take collective action. Focusing primarily on members within the Tasmanian Leaders Network, this initiative extends its impact to shape Tasmania’s future and beyond.

At its core, Leadership in Action is about generating collective action, and amplifying the adaptive capacity within our organisations and communities, with our graduates leading the charge. It is to help us think and act differently for the benefit of Tasmania.

This work will better enable us to seize unforeseen opportunities, adapt swiftly to change, and fortify ourselves against future challenges. This work is increasingly important as we deal with adaptive challenges that are difficult to foresee and even harder to solve such as the impacts of climate change, response and recovery to natural disaster, the impacts of dis-information and misinformation as well as increasing polarisation and societal tensions.

Leadership in Action is a key strategy to activate our network to positively impact Tasmania and cross connect our program cohorts.

Our Leadership in Action Director

We are pleased to announce Katy Cooper as our inaugural Leadership in Action Director. Katy is a visionary leader, blending futurism with a hands-on approach in her business DisruptiveCo Pty Ltd.

Working with her clients to build stories of their organisations potential futures, she focuses on crafting and implementing strategic plans and support systems that shape their future now.

A proud Tasmanian, Katy’s extensive industry experience has equipped her to envision potential future scenarios for our state, driving her passion for fostering collaboration and innovation to ensure a thriving future for all.

Why be involved

Join a movement for positive change, leverage your skills and networks to create meaningful impact in Tasmania and beyond.
To be involved please reach out to Katy:  

Futures Thinking

Training with global thought leaders in futures literacy and leadership.

In 2024 we invite all Tasmanians to learn from global futurist Cheryl Doig in an intensive one-day workshop delving into essential futures concepts to help you cultivate a critical mindset for uncertain times. Perfect for anyone seeking to navigate and thrive in an ever-evolving world and looking for a tool kit to do so. Don’t miss your chance to gain skills in foresight methodologies.

Futures Training
two people in front of a board with images and shapes

Leadership Labs

Bringing leadership themes into collaborative action.

Our dynamic Leader Labs are one-day intensives aimed at pinpointing opportunities for impactful leadership in Tasmania, while fostering collective engagement for greater influence. Attendance is by invitation only with our program graduates at the core. In 2024, we'll explore key themes like Tasmanian place-based leadership, risk and innovation (not either/or), and gender equality, fostering collective engagement and influence for a brighter future.

group of people sitting at a table talking

Thought Starters

Micro-research to inform and inspire.

Engage with our thought-provoking micro-research articles, igniting conversations about leadership in Tasmania. Throughout 2024, we'll tackle pressing topics such as the importance of belonging and hope for effective leadership, Tasmania’s future workforce needs, and solutions to the challenge of misinformation and disinformation. Released quarterly to inspire action and reflection.


Our highly regarded Thinkbank events bring the Tasmanian Leaders Network together to successfully apply high-level thinking to pressing future issues.

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Our popular Skillsbank initiative provides pro-bono Alumni support to community groups and not-for-profit organisations. By offering expert volunteer services and advice in this way, Skillsbank contributes to building a bright and prosperous future for all Tasmanians.

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Community Action Projects

Our renowned Community Action Projects are delivered by Tasmanian Leaders Program participants. These impactful projects address pressing social and business needs and delivered a tangible return on investment to Tasmania out of the Tasmanian Leaders Program.

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Thought Leadership

Our thought leadership work brings together diverse perspectives to generate new thinking and connect this to key decision-makers and influencers.

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