Business and AI – Harnessing the Power of Generative AI

This not-to-be-missed one-day AI workshop series returns in November 2024.

Business and AI is an immersive workshop to explore how artificial intelligence is reshaping the business landscape, offering disruption and opportunity with tech expert Simon Tyrell. This workshop looks to the future and provides practical steps to unlock the power of generative AI for your business this November.

The rise of generative AI marks a seismic shift in business operations, igniting widespread excitement and redefining corporate strategies. This advanced technology, armed with the ability to generate text, visuals, and code, is quickly emerging as a transformative force in almost all sectors. Companies are capitalising on generative AI for more efficient content creation, bespoke customer experiences, and innovative product designs, significantly cutting down on manual labour while boosting productivity.

Yet, this progress is not without its challenges. Integrating generative AI into practical, value-driven applications, safeguarding information, and navigating ethical concerns are pivotal issues that businesses must address.

Join us for an immersive one-day workshop that equips you with the knowledge and tools to apply generative AI within your business. Stay ahead of disruption and unlock the power of AI in just one day. 

What you’ll learn:
  • The fundamental concepts of generative AI and understand its relevance in today’s organisational landscape. 
  • Insights into generative AI models, including the security and ethical considerations of the technology.
  • Real-world applications across different industries and business functions such as marketing, customer service, finance, and human resources. 
  • The mindset required to identify opportunities and harness the broad potential of generative AI. 
  • Through hands on exercises, master practical techniques for this dynamic and fast-evolving technology. 
Facilitated by Simon Tyrrell

Meet Simon Tyrrell, tech expert and facilitator of Business+AI – the next in our popular and timely series of AI workshops. Based in Tasmania, Simon is a technology expert with over 18 years of experience working some of the biggest brands and transforming the way people approach innovation by providing advice on their digital technology strategies.

Simon has held various leadership positions, including Chief Product Officer, where he led a team that created one of the world’s first business-focused chatbot products. In subsequent roles, Simon has led Strategy and Innovation for a fast-growing, publicly listed global software company.

Simon has a wealth of experience in bridging the gap between leadership, business and artificial intelligence. Expert in the field of technology and innovation, he’s able to communicate complex technology in simple and approachable ways.

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