Participant Charter

In submitting an application to undertake the Tasmanian Leaders Program, you acknowledge the following undertakings.


Show professional respect to my fellow participants, speakers and all guests of the program.

Prepare and Participate

Read the materials provided before each session and participate fully in every session I attend. Complete all feedback forms in the time allocated and participate in ongoing TLP reviews and evaluation.


Undertake to attend all program events including the opening, mid-year and closing residentials and all the linking sessions. I understand that full benefit from the program can only be gained by full attendance and I acknowledge the expectation that participants will only be absent from program sessions in exceptional circumstances. In the unlikely event that such circumstances arise, I understand this will be resolved through discussion between myself, the CEO and members of the Board and may impact on my eligibility to graduate from the program.

Learning Set Project

Form a small group with fellow participants (a learning set) and plan, develop, initiate and deliver an external community or business development project following the completion of the program.

Skillsbank and Thinkbank

Register my skills and interests with Skillsbank and commit to undertaking  ongoing volunteer opportunities with community based organisations such as board placements, public speaking and mentoring. I will also commit to keeping my contact details current with TLI and also to participate in Thinkbank, a process that involves TLP graduates in critical conversations that facilitate positive change for Tasmania’s future.

Community Development and Leadership

Strive to actively participate in community development through public or community leadership.

Promotion and Development

Assist with the promotion and development of Tasmania and the Tasmanian community regardless of where in the world I may be based from time to time.