Polarisation and Leadership: a leadership scan

We are pleased to present the findings of a scan of members of the Tasmanian Leaders Network, capturing their experiences, observations and ideas about polarisation and how leadership can mitigate its negative aspects.

We believe this is a unique – and possibly Australia’s only – exploration of polarisation from within a leadership network to produce location-specific knowledge and insights.

Our work in this area seeks to understand what operating in a polarised world means for leaders and what skills they need to better understand and respond to polarisation.

Tapping into the knowledge of our graduates and others within the Tasmanian Leaders Network, our aim is to find solutions to Tasmania’s most intractable issues and motivate and inspire our future leaders to seize opportunities to benefit our island home.

These diverse perspectives have been pulled together to generate new thinking on the nature, prevalence, causes and consequences of polarisation in Tasmania. We hope you find them useful for your own practice of leadership.

Access the report here: Polarisation and Leadership Scan 18-9-2023