Tasmanian Leaders' Leadership Development Completion Survey

This form is for Tasmanian Leaders' participants to complete a second self-assessment of their current perceived leadership capability at the conclusion of the program.

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Tasmanian Leaders' Completion Capability Assessment

Welcome to the Tasmanian Leaders’ Evaluation and Learning Framework survey, or ELF. This survey is designed to support a more bespoke and targeted leadership learning environment by getting to know more about the participants in this specific program. We appreciate that the design of the program is based on best practices, but we would like to seek opportunities to strengthen areas where the cohort may benefit more from, alongside evaluating the effects of the program on leadership outcomes.

Fearless leaders do not try and predict the future. They focus on shaping it Sam Makhoul

Your responses to this survey are confidential, and all raw responses will only be seen by key members administering the Tasmanian Leaders’ ELF.

This survey will take a little while to complete (around 15 minutes), so please find a quiet place when you most feel yourself, and take a moment with each question to consider how they apply to you and your context. This survey is not a test, its a check to see where you are at in your current leadership journey.