Alumni membership

Being a graduate of a Tasmanian Leaders program means you are part of one the most influential, innovative and diverse network of high-impact individuals in Tasmania.

As a member of the network you will receive regular communications and invitations to exclusive Tasmanian Leaders events.

If you want to get the most from the network you can choose financial Alumni membership to further accelerate your leadership growth.

Benefits of financial membership

Financial Alumni membership is an investment in your ongoing development as a leader and professional.

As a financial member you gain access to high-level, low-cost professional development and a diverse, well-networked group to support and encourage innovation and achievement.

Financial membership delivers a wide range of benefits including:

  • Free and discounted professional development.
  • Access to exclusive member-only events.
  • The chance to invite guests to networking gatherings.
  • Exclusive member-only perks.
Two tiers of membership 

Financial Alumni membership runs from 1 January to 31 December. There are two tiers of membership.

Membership Basic

This membership level delivers exceptional value and benefits at an affordable price.

It delivers access to all Tasmanian Leaders events at subsidised prices.

Annual cost: $155 (Total value of discounts across the year: $346)

Membership Plus

For those truly committed to taking their leadership to the next level we offer our highest standard of membership. Membership Plus.

It delivers access to all Tasmanian Leaders events at subsidised prices, at a greater level than Membership Basic and an email to the entire alumni (nearly 300 graduates) for you or your organisation. At this level the popular ‘Linking with a Leader’ events are offered FREE for both you and a guest.

Annual cost: $385 (Total value of discounts across the year: $971)

Buy membership

To renew or upgrade your membership please visit our portal.