In November 2019 Tasmanian Leaders launched it’s inaugural Region Specific Program for members of the West Coast community. Leading Change in the West was delivered over three days in Queenstown. Tasmanian Leaders worked with 16 West Coast locals to empower them with methods, mentors and learnings so they can positively influence the region’s future.

This immersive learning opportunity is designed by Tasmanian Leaders and we would love to work with you and your region in the future. If you would like us to run a program in your regional area of Tasmania please follow the link in resources for more information and contact details.

Leading Change in the West was delivered in Queenstown, 28 – 30 November, with the University of Tasmania’s support. It was designed to provide participants with the skills and confidence to become the next wave of leaders capable of transforming the region.

The first component of the program was presented across three days and included panel discussions, interactive sessions, network mapping and assessment of strengths. Participants also self-selected into teams to develop a project that will positively benefit the region.

Groups presented their projects in February 2020 to an audience at the beautiful Strahan Village on Wednesday 26 February.

Program participants are from a diverse set of backgrounds including state and local government, tourism, the arts, small business, finance, education and community development. 

Please register your region’s interest by following the link in resources.