Our Leadership Champions are a fabulous group of critical friends who champion for the organisation. They help TLI enable aspiring Tasmanian leaders to make a difference, to contribute to the community and help:

  • select and mentor participants
  • develop the TLP Alumni network
  • promote and support the program across their own networks
  • share their knowledge and experiences with the participants
  • develop regional (North, North-West & South) leadership networks

Through their support these Champions help ensure participants, their sponsor employer and the Tasmanian community receive maximum benefit from the program.

Current Leadership Champions

  • Janelle Allison
  • Melanie Bartlett
  • Jane Bennett
  • Richard Bovill
  • Bob Campbell
  • Neroli Ellis
  • Michael Field AC
  • Lara Giddings MP
  • Matthew Groom
  • Peter Gutwein MP
  • Nicholas Heyward
  • Liz Jack
  • Brian Lewis
  • Greg McCann
  • Norm McIlfatrick
  • Robyn Moore
  • Christine Mucha
  • Dan Norton
  • David O’Byrne MP
  • Tom O’Meara
  • John Pitt
  • Anthea Pritchard
  • Martin Rees
  • Heather Rose
  • Kim Seagram
  • Judy Tierney
  • Kathryn Thomas
  • Mark Thomas
  • Albert van Zetten
  • Mike Vertigan AC
  • Jonathan West
  • Malcolm White
  • Don Wing AM
  • Mark Kelleher