The exerts below are taken from the applications and provide a brief introduction to the grant recipients.  You will hear more about their stories and experiences over the coming weeks and months.

Toni Baker: Toni comes from Campbell Town and provided the panel with insights into her life on the land and her desire to forge a career based on her interests of horsemanship, animal husbandry, mustering and working cattle dogs.  Toni will use her grant to attend a program in NSW at the jackaroo and jillaroo school Leconsfield.  Toni’s application was very heartfelt as she described her long term goal of working on her family’s property, doing what she loves; ….”This program would change my life for the better especially career wise as I know I want to work as a jillaroo with my horse and dog by my side most days, it really would be a dream come true”.

Claudia Kargbo: As one of the two northern grant recipients, Claudia would like to experience taking part in a leadership conference to build on her skills, knowledge and confidence to help her support her community.  Claudia’s application resonated with the panel as she spoke with passion about her interest in exploring leadership, how to be the best leader she can be and extending her networks.  Claudia highlighted her existing involvement in her local community including her school and volunteer roles which will all benefit from her grant experience.  In Claudia’s own words…. “  It would make a real difference to me because it would show me that I can be someone, that I can be more than just part of the crowd and that I can stand out”.

Jack Shrosbree: Based in Burnie, Jack wants to pursue a career in technical theatre.  He plans to use the grant to experience what universities and training/education providers that specialise in technical theatre have to offer and what the people involved with them do on a day to day basis.   His plan is to use local networks and mentors and to talk to the teachers about the courses that are offered and possibly attend some classes to get some real insight into the training opportunities that might be available.  Jack is passionate about Tasmania and spoke about his plans to use his skills and experience within his own community.

Emily Reeve: Emily’s application was a little outside the square which grabbed the panel’s attention.  Emily described how she would use the grant to learn by doing; she wants to create a short film about Launceston to explore her interest in film making.  Emily described in detail her plans to collaborate with others as part of her experience including engaging with key stakeholders to determine the focus of the film, using a local musician for the sound track and showing the film to her peers and the community more broadly.  The experience will support Emily to further develop her skills in scripting, directing, filming, editing and producing a short film.