We’re almost at the end of TLP 2016. It has been an incredible year for myself and my fellow participants, but many of those outside of the experience – employers, colleagues, friends and family – have asked: What is it about? Why has it been incredible? And perhaps less kindly, so what? I would like to answer these questions with you.

Tasmanian Leaders has been a lot about questions. They ranged from the personal to the big including ‘how I would like to make Tasmania a better place?’ I felt clueless about what I was in for at the start, but the questions on the application provided a good indication of the jounrey ahead.

Over the year ideas have poured into us – in sometimes overwhelming amounts. To help us make sense of some of it, there have been structured and practical tools which have helped answer questions around planning, organisational assessment, and negotiation.

We’ve heard from some incredibly inspirational leaders – including CEO’s, farmers, prison guards, heads of government, survivors of domestic violence, magistrates, academics, and community case managers. All have offered lessons in leadership and expanded our perspectives. Amongst the diversity of speakers I found common themes. They are motivated, enthusiastic, big picture thinkers. They make decisions and own their mistakes. They explain their vision clearly and empower the people working with them to achieve that vision, and acknowledge that it’s not all about them. Their enthusiasm is infectious. Their willingness to share their experiences, good and bad, has been made them accessible and given me the confidence to give this leadership thing a go.

Then there are my fellow participants TLP10 – a fantastic group of people, from a variety of backgrounds and parts of Tasmania. Our learning sets are an eclectic mix, and we’ve all had a crash course in group dynamics working on our community projects. 

TLP10 is just about done. It feels too soon, but rather than dwell on the ending, I prefer to think of it as a beginning. With all the information I have now, the next phase of TLP will be to further unpack the tools and let the experience and information sink in and roll out into my professional and personal life.

I’d like to thank Tasmanian Leaders for this transformative year.  With TLP as a foundation and launch pad, 2017 is looking good.

Thank you.
Ursula Taylor