What are the differences and similarities between I-LEAD and the Tasmanian Leaders Program (TLP)?

I-LEAD is designed specifically for people working in private sector small businesses employing no more than 40 staff. I-LEAD focuses on knowledge, skills and networks that will directly help the individual and the business improve performance. Participants will have an opportunity to work on their own business issues as well as learning from other participants and their experience in other industries. The time commitment is for four days as a group, and a half day meeting with a mentor, all spread over three months.

The Tasmanian Leaders Program (TLP) is targeted at a wider audience from across the private sector, public service and the not-for-profit sector. These participants meet over an 11 month period and attend 27 program days together. During the Program participants are exposed to a range of people and issues across the broader Tasmanian community. TLP is an intensive experience during which participants also develop and complete a project of benefit to Tasmania.

Participants of I-LEAD are not precluded from also applying for Tasmanian Leaders.

Why do I need to apply?

To maximise learning opportunities and recognising the limitations of our resource capacity there are limited places in this program. Your answers to the questions in the application form will help to select worthy and committed participants. You do not need to be involved in community or industry initiatives. We believe that people seeking to improve their skills and knowledge is a valid reason for attending I-LEAD. If you prefer to answer verbally, contact Angela (see details above) to arrange a telephone or face-to-face interview. We wish to make it possible for all worthy applicants to tell us about your situation.

How much should I include in my application?

Please include as much information as you think is necessary to adequately answer the questions. Please don’t stress we won’t be judging you on the length of your response or your written communication skills.

Can I apply if I can only attend one of the Residentials?

No. Commitment to the full program, including 1/2 a day for the mentor connect experience is essential.

What kind of people are you seeking to do the program?

We are seeking a diverse group of high potential leaders working in sectors experiencing growth with a specific focus on tourism, hospitality, agriculture and construction. As we learned during the first few years of delivering the Tasmanian Leaders Program, this diversity ensures lively debate and discussion but also means that, in addition to learning from the program content, the participants learn a significant amount from their interactions with one another during the program and afterwards.

There are two people from my organisation who would like to participate in the program. Can we both apply?

Two or more applications may be submitted by staff from one organisation. Each will be discussed on a case-by-case basis and measured on the merits of the application and the diversity of the overall participant group. On some occasions two may be selected.

Does the program use any diagnostics?

Program participants will be exposed to a range of diagnostic tools including the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) to help them understand themselves, their communication preferences, and how they perceive the world and make decisions.

What is involved in the mentor connect program?

Participants will have the opportunity to meet with, and learn from, a successful Tasmanian business person who will come to your business and help you further expand the content of the program. Mentors will be sourced from the Tasmanian Leaders network including Champions and TLP graduates. They will be matched based on mutual interests, career paths and industries. They will represent a range of industries and experiences. The mentor role will be to  provide encouragement and advice on performance and goals, industry insights and contacts and be open to discuss ongoing business development needs. If practical this meeting will run on your business site for half a day.

Is the I-LEAD program a government program?

While the Tasmanian Government is one of our generous supporters, the I-LEAD program is delivered by Tasmanian Leaders, an independent not-for-profit incorporated association.

What are the terms and conditions mentioned in the application form?

The terms and conditions can be found at: www.tasmanianleaders.org.au/ilead-terms-conditions.

What is provided in my fee?

Accommodation and an evening meal on the Sunday night, and all other meals during the Residentials. You will however need to pay for your own transport to and from the venue.

What is a residential?

Living-in-residence for the Sunday night between each of the two day sessions is considered critical to maximise learning and networking time. In addition we seek your commitment to sharing all leadership and social activities throughout both of the two day events.

Where will the residentials be held?

Both the residentials for our inaugural 2019 program will be held in Hobart. You do not need to be based in Hobart to attend.

Will you be running future programs?

At this stage Tasmanian Leaders has support confirmed from the State Government through the Department of State Growth to deliver I-LEAD in Launceston (2018), Hobart (2019) and Burnie (2020). Venues and dates for 2019 will be confirmed by the end of 2018. You can expect the dates to fall at a similar time.

Am I eligible for an industry scholarship?

The organisers and sponsors, including the State Government of Tasmania, are keen to support people who can benefit from this program and who may require support to meet the financial costs. A limited number of industry scholarships are available to help. Please see our scholarship page for more detail.

What if I am unsuccessful for a scholarship and/or a place on the program?

Unsuccessful program applicants are encouraged to reapply in future years. No feedback will be given on applications and all decisions are final.

Can I participate in this program and the Tasmanian Leaders Program? 

Applications for the 2020 Tasmanian Leaders Program will close on October 1 2019 and all participants of our I-LEAD program are encouraged to apply.

Still have questions?

For addition information about I-LEAD Program please contact Angela Driver on 0417 379 703 or the Tasmanian Leaders Office on 6777 2727.