Participating in the 2018 I-LEAD program has given me a set of skills that have already helped me and my business. My fellow I-LEAD participants were inspiring and I am grateful to have gained a network of like-minded individuals who will support me and my business in the years to come. During the program and the mentoring sessions with an industry expert I have been challenged to look at my own thinking and to delve deeper into what I do and how I can improve upon this.

I feel incredibly lucky that I am now able to draw upon the vast range of skills and networks of other participants and the broader Tasmanian Leaders Alumni. Through interacting with others from the tourism industry as well as other sectors it became obvious that many of us share personal and business challenges and motivations. It is powerful to know that others face the same issues. The wisdom of others is a great strength in moving forwards and reflecting on past highs and lows.

Since participating in the I-LEAD program I have been lucky enough to win two awards at the recent Tourism Northern Tasmania awards (one of the organisations that contributed towards my scholarship to participate in the program). I feel that through the program I have developed more confidence in my own abilities and have come to realise that I am an asset to my own business! Having this belief has been a real motivator in continuing to look at all aspect of what we do and to harness and capitalise on my personal strengths as strengths of the business and brand.

I am grateful that the program has helped me to learn more about myself and to connect me with a group of people that I am now lucky enough to call friends and mentors. Having this backing gives me a lot of hope and inspiration for the future.

Brock Kerslake