Leadership at the Edge

This one day leadership forum will actively explore what we can learn when we mentally stretch ourselves and go to the edge of our leadership. At the edge we experience, but this is short-lived. The benefits are forever. It will also encourage us how to take positive risks and support leadership from the fringes of our organisations and communities.

This is a great opportunity to hear from a number of local and interstate experts who can:

  • Embrace positive risk taking and transform your fear of failure to see it as a stepping stone to innovation.
  • Help you build high high-trust relationships that encourage¬†bold ideas and¬†experimentation.
  • Build your capacity to lead with agility with an increased tolerance for ambiguity and a renewed sense of curiosity.

We hope to see you at the paranaple Centre in Devonport. Friday 28 August.

Bookings open in March 2020.