Skillsbank provides high level volunteer services and advice to community groups and not-for-profit organisations to support their successful development and impact. The enthusiastic and professional volunteers are drawn from the graduates of the pre-eminent Tasmanian Leaders Program as part of their ongoing commitment to contribute to the Tasmanian community.

Graduates of the Program can offer you a wide range of skills, knowledge, interests and experience and they have a high level of awareness of global, national and local issues and trends. Skillsbank will help you find the right TLP graduate for your project and each project is individually negotiated, monitored and supported by the Skillsbank Coordinator.

The range of skills offered by the Skillsbank TLP volunteers includes, but is not limited to:

  • board membership, development and/or governance advice
  • guest speakers for an event or facilitating  seminar or conference sessions
  • mentoring for staff, volunteers or clients
  • assistance with organisational review, change management,  strategic planning and marketing
  • help in the delivery of training and professional development

Skillsbank will give preference to projects that demonstrably add value to your organisation and to the Tasmanian community and that provide an opportunity to build capacity within your organisation to execute similar projects in the future.

Skillsbank will generally be unable to assist with projects seeking:

  • to lobby governments
  • direct financial assistance
  • to provide direct benefits outside Tasmania only
  • work that is part of the day-to-day activities of your organisation if your organisation has the capacity to provide or pay for its own consultancy advice

To see if we might able to match you with one of our volunteer graduates please contact us on 0417 379 703 or

Or head to our portal to search our graduates.