‘Same, same … but different’

Team members: Fiona Kerslake, Alexandra Mitchell, Leigh Oswin, Monica Plunkett, Malcolm Reeve and Lance Stapleton


This project will help ensure that young Tasmanians can tell their stories. Postcards have been distributed throughout Tasmania via LINCs and digitally to schools with the words ‘I’m different because …’ as a vehicle for young people to share their voice, and tell why (or how) they see themselves as different.

Following collection, these postcards will be published on a website and a selection has been shortlisted by the Brooks High School Leadership Group for publication in a hard copy book.

The Reg Hall and Walls of Jerusalem Story

Team members: Shuhong Chai, Daryl Connelly, Daniel Hackett, Kacee Johnstone, Kieren Rimmelzwaan and Ursula Taylor

 Walls of J 2 The Reg Hall and Walls of Jerusalem Story shares the history of the Walls of Jerusalem. The project group documented and collected materials relating to the history of both the park and its founder Reg Hall. They worked closely with the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery and Reg Hall’s daughter, Liz McQuilken, copying historic photographs as well as hiking to Reg’s hut, which is located on Halls Island, Lake Malbena, deep within the Walls of Jerusalem National Park to extract artefacts which are soon to be housed at the museum.

 The Mole Creek Stories

Team Members: Chris Griffin, Prue Horne, Stuart Loone, Susan McLeod, David Pyefinch and Theresa Hay

mole creek cropped The Mole Creek Stories project has created a series of short form video clips about the Mole Creek community. The online video clips provide a contemporary online authentic and personalised perspective of life in Mole Creek, its history, and its people. Please click here to view these wonderful stories https://vimeopro.com/davidpyefinch/mole-creek-stories

 Dress for success – Hobart

Team members: Robin Barnes, Louise Bishop, Donna Brown, Amanda French, Michael Giudici and Jeff Harper

 dress for success Dress for Success Hobart is an affiliate of Dress for Success Worldwide – a global not-for-profit organisation that empowers women to achieve economic independence. The mission of Dress for Success Hobart is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Bruny Island Quarantine Station Strategic Plan and Schools Program

Team members: Adam Clavell, Matthew Gee, Todd Henderson, Nathan McDonald, Amanda Mason and Emma Matuszek

Saturday June 20 2015  photo:  Phillip Biggs Tasmanian Leaders Program, Northern Integrated Care Service, Launceston. This project provided the Friends of Bruny Island Quarantine Station with a clear and achievable strategic plan that charts a course to increase visitor numbers and investment in the Station, and develop an educational program to encourage schools to visit the site

Invermay Primary School Breakfast Program

Team members: Mark Dickinson, Megan Jolly, Nick Steel, Damien Stringer, Alison Turner and Angela Yao

 5804  This project saw the establishment of a regular breakfast program for students at Invermay Primary School to increase their physical and mental health and improve education outcomes by providing those students in need with a nutritious breakfast.

Career Mentoring for Tasmanian Secondary School Students

Team members: Garth Barnbaum, Archana Brammall, Danielle Kidd, Christopher Rayner, Steve Wiggers and Ellen Witte

 heywire_rectangle_180x150 This Learning Set connected Tasmanian Leaders Alumni with secondary school students for career and leadership mentoring through real world connections that inspire and support young people to stay in school, develop a career path and chase their dreams. The project was undertaken in partnership with the Beacon Foundation and with funding made available by a foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal ABC Heywire Youth Innovation grant.

2014 Learning Set Project: Evaluating the 26TEN ‘Steps’ Activity

Team members: Antony Deck, Alison Lai, M’Lynda Stubbs, Mike Thomson, James Vesteegen and Naomi Walsh

26TEN Presentation

This Learning Set undertook an evaluation of an interactive adult literacy awareness raising activity from 26Ten to increase awareness of adult literacy issues in Tasmanian organisations.

Welcome Dinner Project – Tasmania

2014 team members: Shawn Lee, Alice Percy, Andrew Pitt, Misty Sanderson, Scott Schilg and Don Thomson

Welcome Dinner Project

The Welcome Dinner Project makes genuine connections between established Australians and recent immigrants through the sharing of pot-luck style meals in volunteers’ homes. This learning set established this initiative in Tasmania and fundraised to employ a state coordinator to take the project forward.

‘SPIYC’ – Supporting Parent’s in Youth Career choices (pronounced ‘spike’)

2014 TLP team members:  Lola Cowle, Glen O’keefe, Anya Reading, Pete Smith, Ainstie Wagner and Vani Welling


SPIYC is a pilot of a program, delivered to parents in the workplace, to inform and assist those who are supporting young people with their career choices. Based on the success of the program this Learning Set are facilitating the future roll-out of the program.

Pathways to Community Connectivity

2014 TLP team members: Martin Anderson, Anna Balmforth, Craig Emmett, Ben Hart, Claire Jones and Tom Windsor


This project addresses the lack of connection between the newly redeveloped Queens Walk affordable housing complex, with the Cornelian Bay foreshore precinct. This will be achieved by facilitating construction of a footpath, which will provide greater access to the local community and safer opportunities for physical exercise, among other benefits.

Red Shed Connect

2013 team members: Rachael Cox, Kay Cuellar, Matt Geoghegan, Rebecca Greenwood, Paul Niven and Leanne Sherriff

 Red Shed Connect This project strengthened the connections between Workskills and employers, to improve employment outcomes for Red Shed graduates. Red Shed programs are delivered by Workskills, a not-for-profit community-based employment services provider and registered training organisation. The “Red Shed” is a place where job seekers learn practical skills that prepare them for the workforce. The Red Shed Connect community project aims to increase job placements by developing and facilitating lasting relationships between the training providers and industry.

Guide Dogs Tasmania Memorial Garden Project

Team members: Jane Forrest, Ben Maynard, Stuart Sharples, Kate Grady, Margie Jenkins and Gina Sidhu

 lovely people and pup Launched in 2016 on International Guide Dog Day this project provides a peaceful reflective space in a small park in Hobart to acknowledge the important role guide dogs have in the lives of their handlers. The site, on the corner of Warwick and Elizabeth Streets, was chosen for its ease of access and proximity to important public services and Guide Dogs Tasmania’s office.

2012 Learning Set Project: Marillac House Future Funds Initiative

Team members: Frances Bartlett, Lucinda Bray, Gayle Johnstone, Mark Millhouse, Pax Taylor and Simon Wiggins

Father Bob and Angela Driver

To develop and establish a four-year policy, framework and set of procedures to deliver sustainable revenue generation opportunities for Marillac House (owned by St Vincent de Paul), to overcome current funding issues and assist in emerging facility/amenity issues which limit the Marillac House services available to those in need. The project included a fund raiser at the QVMAG Inveresk site with guest speaker Father Bob Maguire AM.

2012 Learning Set Project: Hand Made With Pride

Team members: Cheryl Fuller, Tracey Tasker, Sue Robertson, David Hugo, John Hooper and Allan Walsh

Hand Made With Pride

The Learning Set visited the Mary Hutchinson Women’s Prison as part of their TLP expereince. Through this experience, they recognised that the female inmates had limited opportunity to undertake meaningful and purposeful activity while at the prison. To address this they devised a project, with prison staff, to source sewing equipment and appropriate training requirements for inmates to learn and/or develop sewing skills. These skills allow inmates to produce clothing items for themselves and for distribution, through the assistance of not-for-profit partners, to niche markets in the broader community. The skills acquired by the program participants assist in their rehabilitation and potential future careers.

2012 Learning Set Project: Old Wisdom Landing In Safe Hands (OWLISH) Project

Team members: Rosalie Martin, Matthew Hubbard, Lisa Rudd, Todd Houstein, Sharon Pittaway and Eleanor James

 OWLISH image The OWLISH program shared the experiences and wisdom, of elderly people with high school students. This intergenerational exchange enhances health and well-being and develops new skills. Six students from Montrose Bay High had the privilege to meet four lovely elders  at Glenview age care facility in Glenorchy. The students undertook a four week program and had the responsibility of interviewing the elders. At first it was daunting for both the students and the elders but as we had more sessions, we became more comfortable around one another. The elders revealed many interesting stories that intrigued each and every one of the students. We have learnt that it was a healthy experience for the elderly to recall memories of the early stages of their life as this helps prevents the progress of dementia.

2011 Learning Set Project: 100 Door Snakes in 100 Days

Team members: Lucy Byrne, Steve Henty, Brett McDermott, Dean Mundey, Alan Rosevear and Julie Waddington

‘100 door snakes in 100 days’ was an initiative providing draught stoppers to supported accommodation in Tasmania through a partnership with Anglicare Tasmania to encourage and assist them achieve energy cost savings in a sustainable way by utilising the community as a resource.

“We are very excited that this project has been so successful. We will now begin to distribute the Door Snakes to our supported accommodation and this is all part of an overall drive by Anglicare to promote cost effective and sustainable energy use, especially in the winter months.” Louise Beiser of Anglicare

2011 Learning Set Project: Social Enterprise Stories

Team members: Ian Adams, Amanda Daly, Jill Maxwell, Wayne Murraylee, Melinda Thomas and Mark Watson

Social Enterprise Stories is a collection of Tasmanian Social Enterprises that has been compiled by the Institution for Regional Development (UTAS) compiled by Kylie Eastley, in conjunction with members of the Tasmanian Leaders Program.

2010 Learning Set Project: Kentish Community Road Safety Bike Park

Team members: Shona Beswick, Mark Jefferson, Kacey Rubie and Darryn Smith


A free, community built road safety bike park in Sheffield designed to help address the significant gap in road safety education that occurs between when children learn about crossing a road, to when they get their licence.

“This is a fantastic resource to support road safety education for our young people. We see far too many deaths and serious injuries on our roads, and if this facility can help to minimise this, what a great outcome.” Local Policeman, Constable Tyrone Myers

2009 Learning Set Project: Launceston Human Libraries

Team members: Amanda Castray, Jane Crosswell, Angela Driver, Jason Hay, Simon Matthews, Dion Lester, Mark Parssey and Sherri Ring

Working with Access Arts Link, in partnership with Launceston Human Libraries, this learning set coordinated the creation of promotional seating installations with funding from the Community Support Levy to promote and strengthen the work of the Human Library. The installation was first used at the 2012 Festivale in Launceston.

“Having those wonderful diverse and colourful chairs gave us the advantage of spreading out on the lawn under the tree, and the chairs were an attraction and a talking point for all – they enhanced the Human Library experience.  Great work by the Access Arts Link!!”  Noel Broomhall

2008 Learning Set Project: A New Mindset

Team members: Mark Mason, Matt Durose, Stuart Smith and Lisa Nelson

A collaboration with the suicide prevention organisation OzHelp Foundation developing a mental health and well-being support kit for businesses within the Tasmanian community. The kit offers a range of strategies to build productivity in the workplace by improving awareness and support for the mental health and well-being of employers and employees. This project has developed and implemented a subsequence four hour workshop, Connecting with Mental Health and Well-being in the Workplace, that provides practical skills for people to look after themselves and others. A copy of the kit can be found by clicking here.

2007 Learning Set Project: Northern Young Professionals Network

Team members: Fionna Bourne, Susie Bower, Sam Ibbott, Katherine Miguel, Ben O’Donnell and Craig Perkins

  As a result of the work of the 2007 TLP participants, the Northern Young Professional Network (NYPN) was established as a sub-committee of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce. The NYPN continues to grow and currently boasts over 100 members. Now managed by an independent committee, the benefits offered to members fall into four main categories: career development, network development, recognition and professional development.