A key feature of the program is the identification and successful completion of a project. Projects are designed to reinforce and develop program learning as well as making a positive difference in the Tasmanian community.

The projects provide the opportunity to apply what is being learned and to demonstrate a measurable ‘return on investment’ to Tasmania.

Projects are to be developed and completed in Learning Sets, and address an issue of interest to, and selected by, the group using the following parameters:

  • Projects must be small enough to be achievable but large enough to matter.
  • Projects must aspire to make a positive contribution to the Tasmanian community.
  • Working for, or partnering with, an existing not-for-profit organisation can be an effective way to ensure you address a real and perceived need in a segment of the Tasmanian community.

In assessing project ideas the following measures of return on investment should be considered:

  • increasing community wellbeing
  • increasing quality, services and/or revenue
  • decreasing costs
  • solving an organisational ‘headache’
  • making sure we ‘miss an iceberg’, and

Learning Sets are required to adopt formal project management ideas and processes throughout the process of scoping, developing and implementing their project to ensure timeframes and budgets are adhered to, risks managed, stakeholders engaged and learning’s captures.