Many Tasmanian communities have benefited from TLP in a number of ways. One of the most visible has been the learning set projects. Each year four learning sets, small syndicate groups of participants, plan and deliver a project that benefits the Tasmanian community.

There are currently three main avenues we support the community.


Skillsbank provides high level volunteer services and advice to not-for-profit organisations to increase their impact and support their successful development. With a focus on mentoring, board placements and speaking engagements, enthusiastic and professional volunteers are drawn from the TLP graduate base as part of their ongoing commitment to contribute to the Tasmanian community.


Thinkbank provides a forum through which TLP graduates, as community leaders, can be part of innovative solutions through participatory conversations. It operates in a creative and positive space that allows participants to hone their skills in critical thinking, analysis and communication, while advancing public discourse and key stakeholder involvement in significant issues. By exploring complex ideas, concepts and issues our graduates gain new insight and perspective, while contributing to a brighter future for Tasmania.

Learning Set Projects

A key feature of the program is the identification and completion of a learning set project. Projects are designed to reinforce and develop program learning as well as making a positive difference in the Tasmanian community. The projects provide the opportunity to apply what is being learned and to demonstrate a measurable ‘return on investment’ to Tasmania. Projects are to be developed and completed in groups of approximately six, and address an issue of interest to, and selected by, the group.