Stu graduated in the 2009 cohort of the Tasmanian Leaders Program. After extensive experience in logistics, transport and project management with the likes of Hazell Bros and VEC Civil Engineering, Stu was recently appointed as CEO of Metro Tasmania. We had a chat to him about some of the things he has leant along the way that he… Read more

The 2014 Tasmanian Leaders Program has been a journey of contentment. I entered the program with a strong sense of self. I had been through other leadership courses and I knew my strengths and weaknesses. I am polite and reserved but come with a decent dash of frankness and a generous pinch of stubbornness with a… Read more

Strengthening the connections between Workskills and Tasmanian employers, to improve employment outcomes for Red Shed graduates. Red Shed programs are delivered by Workskills, a not-for-profit community-based employment services provider and registered training organisation. The “Red Shed” is a place where job seekers learn practical skills that prepare them for the workforce. The Red Shed Connect community project aims… Read more

Claire Jones, Manager at Relationships Australia, shares her reflections on the TLP journey at the half-way point. How am I finding Tasmanian Leadership Program? I find this a really hard question to answer….I’ve overused the word ‘interesting’ in my description of TLP when I’m asked about it, but it really has been interesting. We have… Read more

Meet one of our originals: Tim Bishop. Since completing the TLP in 2007, Tim moved on from his role as a Brewer with Boags, had a short stint back in mining, before taking on the role of Corporate Account Manager with Ecolab in 2009. In this role, Tim engaged with senior head office leaders at major brewing and beverage… Read more

Change, whether it is incremental or dramatic, is constant and inevitable. Planning for and embracing change must be an on-going process. Despite this reality, facing the challenges of change can be daunting and require strong, effective leadership. In times of significant and often fast paced change, it is important to consider what essential skills change… Read more

If I were a car, what brand and model would I be? After the ‘Brand You’ session at our May Linking Session, I’m fairly comfortable that I have a brand; it’s the model or series I’m reflecting more on now.  Car manufacturers change their models as technologies, consumer expectations and fashions change. As I drove… Read more

In 2013 Tasmanian Leaders launched the Thinkbank initiative and convened a Thinkbank dedicated to the topic of education in Tasmania in November. Thinkbank provides a forum for participatory conversations in which Tasmanian Leaders Program graduates apply theories and knowledge gained from the program in a practical context. It brings with it the opportunity for participants… Read more

Lucinda Bray is a graduate of the 2012 Tasmanian Leaders Program. She is a senior consultant at Font PR, where she has worked for over 10 years. We had a chat with Lucinda about leadership and life after TLP… What makes a good leader? I believe a good leader is someone who is inspirational, courageous, understands… Read more

Hello everyone my name is Andrew and I’m a TLPer. It’s been three months since my last linking session. It is my very great pleasure and privilege to give the first of two valedictory speeches tonight. I am going to talk about my personal journey up to, during and beyond TLP 2013. I would like… Read more