Tim Jordan Electrical Divisional Manager Degree C I am a tradie. I like hi-vis, sausage rolls, iced coffee, inappropriate jokes, and tradie camaraderie. For a long time, tradie culture formed my identity. After my apprenticeship, I became a decent sparky and soon found myself in meetings with suits. I chose not to follow the dress… Read more

Carolyn Watson-Paul Owner Henry’s Ginger Beer In 2017 a group of Tasmanian Leaders Alumni visited the business I run with my husband Marc: Henry’s Ginger Beer in Burnie. We had never seen a group as engaged as this. It sparked my interest in TLP. Eighteen months later here I am with the incredible Tim Jordon,… Read more

Participating in the 2018 I-LEAD program has given me a set of skills that have already helped me and my business. My fellow I-LEAD participants were inspiring and I am grateful to have gained a network of like-minded individuals who will support me and my business in the years to come. During the program and… Read more

Think Bank 2018 – Small Business: Removing obstacles, seizing opportunities 28-29 October 2018   Who is it for? Tasmanian Leaders Program Alumni Not only but including small business owners, managers and workers Government, larger private sector, academia, not for profits and other organisations who may be facing some similar issues Alumni wanting a Tas Leaders… Read more

Sean Hollick recently addressed guests at a networking event held at The Henry Jones Art Hotel with reflections on his year as a Tasmanian Leaders Program participant. Below is a direct transcribe of the event. Good Evening everyone. My name is Sean Hollick, and it’s my pleasure to share with you some of my personal… Read more

On Friday 18 August, Geraldine Hayes spoke about her program experience in Launceston, “The Tasmanian Leaders Program has given me an understanding of other people and why they act and behave as they do, the differences we have and how best to manage these. But most importantly the program has given me a profound understanding of… Read more

We’re almost at the end of TLP 2016. It has been an incredible year for myself and my fellow participants, but many of those outside of the experience – employers, colleagues, friends and family – have asked: What is it about? Why has it been incredible? And perhaps less kindly, so what? I would like… Read more

I am the Executive Officer of Cradle Coast Innovation, a not for profit organisation that supports innovation and enterprise in north – west Tasmania. The challenges of shifting an organisation first of all from a well-intentioned but penniless group of volunteers to government funding, and now from government funding to something else, are significant, and… Read more

The exerts below are taken from the applications and provide a brief introduction to the grant recipients.  You will hear more about their stories and experiences over the coming weeks and months. Toni Baker: Toni comes from Campbell Town and provided the panel with insights into her life on the land and her desire to… Read more

A Tasmanian Leaders Scholarship covers all, or a portion of, the program fee for program participants, increasing accessibility of Tasmania’s preeminent leadership development program. Scholarships are a great way for an organisation, government department or peak body to increase capacity within a chosen sector and ensure certain perspectives, viewpoints or geographical locations are present during the program;… Read more